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Word from General Manager

Our dignified clients, 

It's my pleasure, with the launching of our website, and on behalf of the staff of Al Nadwa Company for Financial Services and Investment, to welcome you and to thank you for your confidence of our company, hoping that we will be always able to satisfy your needs and achieve your ambitions.  

The bases for our advancement are our friendship with our clients and our efforts to satisfy them. We deeply believe that our clients are the foundation stone on which the financial markets are based. That is the reason why we are keen to develop a website for our company, hoping that our website with the information, studies and reference reports it includes should be sufficient saving you time and effort to browse many websites of relevance to help you take proper decisions to manage your investments.

In addition to richness of information, our website is characterized with ease of surfing and high speed. There are new additions to it, like Amman stock market news and local and regional economic news.

The most difficult problems that we face to achieve future plans and orientations is the negative economic conditions that affect on the financial and banking sectors even on the global level.

Finally, we promise you always have to work to achieve the best because our principle work in competition with ourselves, That make our performance today better than yesterday and our performance tomorrow better than today.

Tariq Al-Najjar
General Manager

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